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We offer our customers extensive capabilities to measure and analyze a broad array of materials to gain insight into the levels of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur isotope ratios. From the field to the lab, we offer expertise at every step in the process, ensuring optimal sample capture, safe handling and shipping and in-depth analysis at our state-of-the-art facilities.

While best known in the oil and gas industry, our expertise and laboratory capabilities span industries. Among the materials we analyze are animal materials, natural gas, carbonates, fabrics, foods, pharmaceuticals and more. Whether studying a component or performing a more comprehensive analysis, we offer fully developed service suites to enable customers to select the right tests for the right situation. Our chemists are adept at performing compositional analysis including dissolved gases, mudgas, headspace, solids, water and other liquids. Please contact us for further information.

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Isotech Products

  • Gas Sampling System

    The IsoTube Gas Sampling System is a durable, reliable sampling and shipping solution
    utilized by hundreds of clients in over 30 countries around the globe. Designed to enable
    safe, cost-effective sample collection and shipment, the IsoTube® has a distinct rigid
    structure whose strength minimizes leakage and ensures stable chemical and isotopic
    storage for 3+ years. Made of 99% recyclable material, the IsoTube is lightweight, durable
    and both safer and less expensive to ship than gas bags.

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    Sampling Procedures Mudgas

    Gas Sampling Manifold Installation Instructions

    Collecting Wellhead Samples

  • Designed to collect drill cuttings while maintaining the composition and isotopic structure of stored gases, the IsoJar®is constructed of a durable, clear plastic and offers significantly less leakage than traditional paint cans.

  • The IsoBag is an evacuated gas bag for easy collection of soil gases and other low-pressure samples. IsoBags are available in sets of three 0.3-liter bags packed in five-gallon shipping containers (paint cans) safe for shipping flammable gas samples.

    Storage Temperature range: -4°F (-20°C) TO +122°F (+50°C)

  • The IsoFlask is a complete, ready-to-use sampling kit to collect and ship groundwater samples for dissolved gas analysis. Its unique design will not alter the quantity or isotopic characteristic of dissolved hydrocarbon gases, making it useful to identify the source of methane, ethane and propane. To ensure the integrity of samples, the IsoFlask comes with a tamper-evident ring to identify and flag any potential variability and a pre-inserted bactericide capsule. Sample storage: +41°F (+5°C) TO +122°F (+50°C)

  • Stainless Steel Gas Cylinders
    For natural gas or soil gas, we offer DOT-approved stainless steel gas sampling cylinders packed in reusable plastic shipping cartons. All cylinders are cleaned and evacuated after every use.

    LP Gas Cylinders
    For large samples of flammable gas (>5% methane) for tritium analysis of methane we offer DOT-approved LP tanks which are evacuated after every use. If needed, we can supply battery-operated pumps to fill these tanks.

  • The H2S IsoTrap is designed to identify the source and concentration of H2S within samples and to convert it into a non-hazardous material for safe shipment by any means. Our IsoTrap Sampler is the preferred method to collect samples from pressurized sources, regulating pressure and control flow through the IsoTrap to be returned to Isotech for isotope analysis.

  • The IsoScrubber strips toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural gas for easier shipping to the lab and allows for chemical and isotopic analysis of light hydrocarbons. Each sampling kit includes all necessary components, shipping materials, and instructions for use and return shipment.

  • Designed specifically for the collection of soil or core type samples (~2”/5 cm diameter), the IsoPak captures gases emitted from samples for chemical and isotopic analysis, reduces air contamination, and saves on shipping costs. It also allows for gas samples to be stored for extended periods of time without degradation of the compositional or isotopic data.

Ordering Products

To order products please call 1-217-398-3490 or email onlineorders@stratumreservoir.com

Isotech Laboratories

To best serve our clients around the world, Isotech has established regional laboratories where our highly experienced and trained chemists utilize our sophisticated equipment locally or remotely. This provides clients with access to our experience and methods in remote locations while saving on shipping, improving turnaround times, and working with local representatives. These GC and GC-IRMS systems provide the same continuous flow quality you have come to expect from Isotech.