Technology paves the way...

to operational efficiency and scalability. When you want a systematic and repeatable way to store and analyze samples and data, or gain large-scale understanding, technology is the answer. Our offerings range from the proprietary IsoProducts, SRA, specialized core and fluid equipment to our oilfield laboratory data management and visualization software.

Innovation Beyond the Lab

Technology in the form of software, instrumentation and enhanced deliverables, is fundamental in developing reservoir characterization solutions.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks a real advance in science.” - Albert Einstein

Our Software and Equipment

Our technology portfolio includes proprietary equipment to achieve greater accuracy, and software to enable deeper understanding through interpretation and visualization.


Visit the Isologica page.

Turn data into insight. Isologica is our proprietary software, a workspace for our clients to quickly retrieve and visualize data. Isologica integrates a variety of data for dynamic decision-making by utilizing log plots, cross plots with interpretive overlays and images.

GWIS (Geochemical Web Information System)

GWIS is a multi-platform (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) database for importing, storing and exporting fluid and rock geochemical data.

ChromEdge Suite (PeakView, ReserView and OilUnmixer)

ChromEdge Suite is a powerful set of tools that enables the user to visualize, interrogate, and manipulate GC and GCMS chromatograms, evaluate reservoir continuity, and determine production allocation from a commingled well or pipeline. OilUnmixer is a sophisticated geochemical software for determining the contribution of individual production streams to a commingled production stream.