Data accuracy starts in the field

We understand sample acquisition and handling have a critical impact on laboratory results. Our field personnel ensure that your samples are managed to always preserve integrity for maximum accuracy.

Handle with care

Sample integrity is as fundamental as the safety of our employees. We are committed to safety throughout every step of your project.

Onsite sample management and care

For Stratum Reservoir, no detail is too small; no task is too big.

We accommodate your special requests so that your samples are handled and processed to specification. Our industry-leading methods ensure your samples are properly managed to yield precise laboratory results.

Our field operations include the following services and equipment:

  • Mud Tracing (tritium, deuterium, and other tracers)
  • Core processing units
  • Canister desorption
  • Pneumatic band saws
  • Pneumatic lifting arm (RocKlaw)
  • Temperature controlled transport containers (RockVaults)
  • Core gamma logging
  • Core plugging
  • Core preservation
  • Sample photography on location
  • Pressure core analysis
  • Core transport
  • Gas & fluids sampling
  • Mobile Laboratories
  • Cuttings analysis