With us, your samples are in good hands.

Stratum Reservoir offers services to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your sample. From the wellsite and near real-time online laboratory test results to long-term barcoded sample preservation storage, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Stratum Reservoir understands how valuable your samples are and how critical the data obtained from them is to your initiative. Visibility into the entire process is key. Your dedicated project manager will be there for you through the life of your analytical program.

Stratum Reservoir Sample Management

We are not a black box. Ask us about our process and the results; we’re happy to share.

In collaboration with your team, we help design a program that meets your expectations from extraction to interpretation. You can inspect our facilities, interview our team, explore the tools, software and technology we utilize, or simply have a cup of coffee with us.

A few of our services include:

  • Dedicated Project Managers & Advisors
  • Private and access controlled core viewing rooms
  • Secure web-based data portal
  • Sample storage – ambient and temperature controlled
  • Long term sample preservation
  • ISO Certified Laboratories