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Core Analysis

Stratum Reservoir possesses decades of experience in deepwater, unconventional and conventional oil and gas exploration and CCUS projects, where our wellsite core handling and preservation methods facilitate the delivery of high-quality basic rock properties (RCA) and advanced core analysis measurements (SCAL). Formation damage assessment and rock mechanics highlight Stratum Reservoir’s suite of services as we help our clients understand formation behavior throughout the drilling and completion phases of field development. Our imaging technologies provide lithology characterization to the mining industry that exceed traditional high-resolution core photography.

Fluid Analysis

Full-service fluid analysis provides precise assessments of composition, phase behavior, flow assurance, and chemical stability. Our global network of reservoir fluid laboratories is tailored to the heterogeneities of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. With an integrated suite of laboratory services, advanced technology and strict QA/QC processes, our laboratories support a wide range of reservoir characterization and production studies that contribute to well-informed decisions across the life cycle of a reservoir. The laboratories are well-equipped to handle H2S-bareing fluids, HPHT-reservoirs, and provide precise studies of complex phase behaviors in CO2 miscible flooding projects.

Geochemical Analysis

Whether you are interested in quantitatively allocating the production from multiple zones in a commingled production stream, or pinpointing the origin of a stray gas, Stratum Reservoir has the experience, analytical characterization and interpretive services available to get you the answers you need. From source rock screening (e.g. TOC, pyrolysis, organic petrography, etc.) to detailed fluid characterization (e.g. high-resolution gas chromatography, biomarker analysis by gas chromatography mass spectrometry, produced gas compositional and isotopic analysis, etc.), our industry leading team of scientists, engineers and technicians are ready to help you navigate operational challenges while reducing risk, throughout the lifecycle of a field.


Forensic isotopic analysis can be used to authenticate and certify supply chains and establish geographic provenance of organic materials. Stratum Reservoir’s proven technology can drive transparency throughout the production line and demonstrate compliance with emerging regulatory requirements.

We partner with you to connect data to meaningful solutions.

Objectives + Strategy

For every one of our customers’ long-term relationships, we start with understanding their unique challenges and objectives, and devising a plan of attack.

Analyses + Measurement

We look at where we are in light of where we want to be, whether optimizing investments, remediating legacy issues or thinking forward to meet the next challenge.

Optimization + Refinement

Stratum works with our customers to custom design workflows and processes that will generate applicable results for each project.

Model-Driven Solutions

Insight comes from measuring and modeling optimum outcomes, addressing the dynamics of all elements and the interplay between them.

We share expertise to help you address challenges and capture opportunities.

We care about what you care about.

As solutions providers, we able to interpret data in guiding clients to discover and sustainably develop energy resources and optimize their existing assets, while reducing environmental impact.

Global insight, local expertise

Clients benefit from our global footprint with local relationships and specialists. They appreciate our ability to share information broadly across the firm and the broader ecosystem.

We are committed to active partnership.


We are Geoscientists.

Stratum Reservoir is an industry leader in rock, fluid, and stable isotope analysis for the energy, mining, and agricultural industries. Our network of laboratories around the world produces high precision analytical data that our global team of subject matter experts use to deliver scientific insights that enable our customers to gain a thorough understanding of their resources.


We think big.

No detail is too small; no task is too big. Every challenge is an opportunity to devise a solution that benefits each individual client and can scale across our ecosystem to have ever bigger positive impact. If we cannot solve it, we bring in trusted partners who can, strengthening our ability to deliver the right solution to every client.


We look deeper.

For over two decades we have devised distinct, highly granular analyses and offered essential interpretations to guide our clients in assessing resource potential, gaining insight into the fundamental elements and physics governing an asset’s economic viability, and formulating ongoing resource management programs.


We focus on you.

We work collaboratively and think holistically, leveraging technology to assist our clients devise strategic, actionable plans to identify high potential assets, best utilize their current investments and plan for sustainable resource management going forward.

Sharing our knowledge makes everyone better informed.