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Technical Papers

AAPG - Evidence the Eagle Ford Reservoir on the San Marcos Arch Principally Produces Migrated Oil

SPE-84684-PA - Adjustment of Differential Liberation Data to Separator Conditions

AAPG - Evidence Some Oil Accumulations in the Woodford Formation and the Meramec Formation Received an Additional Charge of Very Dry Thermal Gas

URTEC-2460348-MS - Applying Oil Fingerprinting to Unconventional Reservoirs in the Permian Basing for Characterization of Frac Height and Quantification of the Contribution of Multiple Formations to Commingled Production

URTEC-1922784-MS - Protocol for Finalizing Locations for FIB/SEM Cubes on Shale Samples: General Guidelines with Uupscaling in Mind

AAPG - Allocating the Contribution of Oil from the Eagle Ford Formation, the Buda Formation, and the Austin Chalk to Commingled Production from Horizontal Wells in South Texas Using Geochemical Fingerprinting Technology

SPE-166065-MS - Use of Digital Imaging for Improved Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs

SPE144618 - Geochemical Allocation of Commingled Oil Production

AAPG - Recent Advances in the Analytical Methods Used for Shale Gas Reservoir Gas Assessment

DOE Report - Overview of Hydrate Coring, Handling, and Analysis

AAPG - Comparison of Porosity Distribution within Selected North American Shale Units by SEM Examination of Argon-ion-milled Samples

Organic Chemistry - Compound Specific Isotopic Variability in Uinta Basin Native Bitumens: Paleoenvironmental Implications

SPE - Laboratory and Field Observations of an Apparent Sub Capillary-Equilibrium Water Saturation Distribution in a Tight Gas Sand Reservoir

Journal of Geophysical Research - Permeability of Illite-Bearing Shale 1. Anisotropy and Effects of Clay Content and Loading

Petroleum Society Journals - Representing Reservoir Oil Using Recombination Techniques

AAPG - Reservoir continuity and architecture of the Genesis Field, Gulf of Mexico (Green Canyon 205): An Integration of Fluid Geochemistry within the Geological and Engineering Framework

PETSOC-01-01-02 - Determination of Initial Fluid Saturations Using Traced Drilling

AAPG - Assessing the Mix and the Quality of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

PETSOC-94-60 - Injection Water Quality-A Key Factor to Successful Waterflooding

PETSOC-01-06-05 - Water Quality Considerations Resulting in the Impaired Injectivity of Water Injection and Disposal

P&GJ-Pipeline & Gas Journal: Integrating Flow Assurance Engineering Domains Ensures Operations in Caspian Sea