CCUS Partnership Announcement

CCUS Partnership Announcement 150 150 Stratum Reservoir

HOUSTON—December 17, 2020—Stratum Reservoir and Whitson AS are pleased to announce a strategic partnership advancing the petroleum industry’s role in minimizing climate change
and reducing carbon emissions.

“This partnership further strengthens Stratum Reservoir’s position in this exciting market and enables the acceleration of carbon capture, utilization and storage [CCUS] adoption across the industry.” explained Stratum Reservoir’s CEO, Ricardo Carossino. “Through our complementary and synergistic offering in the CCUS space, this alliance will offer our clients solutions and capabilities previously unavailable and closely aligned with their objectives.”

“This partnership allows Whitson and Stratum to advance the industry’s ability to effectively implement CCUS,” commented Whitson AS CEO and Founder, Curtis Whitson. “Our 40-year
expertise in modeling complex fluid behavior, combined with Stratum’s mastery of rock and fluid characterization will be key in resolving the challenges faced by many CCUS ventures.”

About Stratum Reservoir

Stratum Reservoir has over 50 years’ experience leading the natural resource industry in formation evaluation, fluid characterization, laboratory services, and the scientific assessment of economic assets. With its extensive knowledge of the subsurface and over 40 publications addressing myriad technical challenges in CCUS design, operation, and monitoring, Stratum Reservoir is uniquely positioned to service every phase of the CCUS lifecycle.

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About Whitson AS

Whitson is a technical leader in all aspects of modeling PVT, gas condensate reservoirs, and gas-based enhanced oil recovery. Their extensive knowledge of modelling fluid behavior in production/injection systems and the reservoir has contributed to dozens of successful CCUS projects to date in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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